Water Heater Services in Douglasville

No one likes having their shower suddenly run cold in the morning — your water heater could be to blame. Have a professional look at your existing unit.


You may also rely on our team to recommend the right system that will fit your needs and budget.

Whether you need a water heater repair or a brand-new unit installation, we can help. At New Era Plumbing, we are well-versed in all things water heater.

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    The Importance of Water Heaters

    Water heaters give us hot water to bathe in, to wash our clothes in, and to wash our dishes in. The reason that water heater installation is so important for your daily life is because it helps conserve water. A high-quality water heater will heat up your water quickly. That means less time waiting around for it to become hot. With less water waste, you’re helping the environment as well as your energy bill.

    Traditional Water Heaters vs. Tankless: Which Is Better?

    Do you prefer traditional or tankless water heaters? Some may not know the difference. A traditional water heater uses a large tank. Water flows into the tank and is pre-heated. Whenever someone uses the hot water, the tank empties. New water is then placed inside of the tank and heated again. As for a tankless water heater, it uses either electric or gas to immediately heat the water when hot water is called for.

    Tankless water heater units are also more convenient for those with large families who use a lot of hot water. Typically, with a traditional water heater, whoever ends up using the shower last ends up with a cold shower. That’s just because the tank needs time to replenish its hot water, whereas tankless can give everyone hot water immediately.

    Our Water Heater Services

    At New Era Plumbing, we provide all the water heater services that you could need:

    ♦️ Repair: If you need water heater repair in Douglasville, GA, or any of the surrounding areas, then we can help. Our team of experts can identify the problem and solve it. You won’t have to worry about cold showers again.

    ♦️ Installation: Whether you want to go from traditional to tankless or from tankless to traditional, we can install it for you. We’ll work quickly, so you can enjoy hot water.

    ♦️ Replacement: Just like any appliance, eventually, your heater is going to need to be replaced. We can easily and safely remove the old heater and replace it with a brand-new one.

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