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Water Heater


A water heater works all day long, seven days a week. While most people take for granted that it will always function correctly, this is false. Everything needs maintenance, and unfortunately, being aware of signs of concern along with proper maintenance can avoid the catastrophe of a surprise repair. Fortunately, you can rely on New Era Plumbing when it comes to water heater repair services from a top plumber in Atlanta, GA.


When your water heater begins to malfunction, look out for subtle signs that tell you that it is time for a change such as:

Corrosion – The most significant indicator of the need for a water heater is corrosion. When you observe corrosion or rust on the outside of the unit, replacing parts is not the solution as the need for a new water heater installation necessary.

Water leaks – Noises are typically an indicator that something is wrong with your unit. However, one of the silent signs is the “sitting” water that is leaking around the bottom of the tank. While this does not seem like a big deal, it is hazardous as it could lead to electrical fires and other hazards around the home.

Water yellowing – Whenever you see discoloration in the water, like a brown or yellowish color, it is a clear sign that water heater repairs are in immediate need.

Hot water does not last – Fluctuating water temperatures or a quick change from hot to cold in water temperature is a clear indicator that something is wrong with the water heater. Contact New Era Plumbing right away to provide water heater services in Atlanta, GA.


Water heater repairs are an absolute necessity. They provide many benefits that allow a system to continue to function at capacity, which makes for a stress-free hot-water experience. There are a few steps to follow that will not only save you money but will avoid immediate water heater replacement, such as:

Water capacity at a maximum – The reduction in the volume of water in a water heater identifies mineral build-up and sentiment guilty. Having a professional do occasional maintenance will make sure that your hot water is maintained and that the volume of water remains at capacity.

Extended use – By consistently maintaining your water heater, you will extend the life of its use due to warding off any significant issues proactively. Avoid problems through regular checkups.

Maximum efficiency – The most common damaging effects in water heaters is through the build-up of calcium. A build-up of calcium reduces the overall efficiency by allowing loose minerals to settle, which makes it a challenge for a water heater to provide hot water. As a result, a reduction in temperature causes a struggle of the heating element to malfunction.

Minimal Surprises – Through regular maintenance, you avoid cold showers or experience a flooded home.

As a result of being proactive and observing the signs on your water heater, you can maintain your unit for longer, Nevertheless, New Era Plumbing offers water heater replacement and other services.


When you require a water heater repair in Atlanta, GA, the professionals at New Era Plumbing offer many alternatives to professionally complete many water heater services needed. We also recommend asking us about our tankless water heaters. Call us today or fill out the online contact form to schedule an appointment. We also specialize in plumbing services and drain cleaning in Atlanta and the following areas: