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Clogs can be a real headache if you do not hire a plumber in Douglasville, GA, and the surrounding areas. Not only do they prevent you from using a specific sink or tub/shower in your home, but they can also cause a lot of other plumbing issues in your home. Nothing will be able to clear these clogs without the help of a professional plumber.

That's where New Era Plumbing can help. If you live in or near Douglasville, our plumbing company's years of experience can remove that obnoxious clog and make sure your drain and connecting pipes are free and clear from any further clogging substances. The following shows how New Era Plumbing's drain cleaning services can address your clogged drain issue.

Signs of a Clogged Pipe/Drain

You can usually tell when you have a clogged pipe/drain in your home. Water backs up in the sink or tub/shower. Water can overflow the sink or tub/shower when the water runs continuously and is not turned off before the sink fills and the water can drain.

Some clogs will allow your drain to drain very slowly, but other clogs will prevent any water from going through at all. A particularly bad clog will cause other drains in the home to back up into their respective receptacles (e.g., the tub or shower, the sink in the next room, etc.). If you have floor drains in your basement that are backing up too, then the clog is much bigger and runs a lot deeper in your home's plumbing than you can manage on your own. These clogs are best left to our drain cleaning company.

Options for Clearing and Cleaning a Drain

The most common approach is "rooting" with an auger. The second most common approach is taking visible pipes apart to find the clog and flush it out, but that only works when the clog is in pipe that is not inside a wall or buried under concrete. The third most common approach is hydro jetting.

"Rooting" is the first step in trying to diagnose a drain clog problem and simultaneously attempting to clear it. A very long pipe auger/"snake" is sent through the drain to push against the clog and try to force a path through. This approach is so effective that most any plumber in Douglasville, GA, or nearby areas is likely to use it first and be successful at clearing your drain.

However, what sets New Era Plumbing apart from other drain cleaning services companies is the hydro jetting service. This particular service is only performed by a handful of plumbing companies in the area. Essentially, the plumber that comes to your home brings a very special piece of equipment that forces an intense amount of air pressure through the clogged line, thereby dislodging the clog and sending it into the city sewer system. This approach may be used if the clog in the pipeline refuses to budge after repeated "rootings", or when manual disassembly of pipes and clearing clogs is not possible.

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