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If you have a clogged drain, it is best to rely on a skilled plumber in Atlanta, GA. After all, when it comes to drain clogs, speed matters, especially if the area where the drain is located is at risk of overflowing. That's why you need to arm yourself with information before you experience a drain clog. You will also need the expertise of the team from New Era Plumbing.

Why Drains Become Clogged

Without a specialized camera such as those used in our drain cleaning services in Atlanta, GA, you can't see much of the length of your drain. What happens in your drains, then, can be a bit of a mystery.

What you need to know, though, is that drains are more fragile than you think. Though some people use them as a "dump-all," you have to be careful about what you send down the drain. Our drain cleaning company can assist with clogs of all types, with the most common type of drain clog caused by the accumulation of grease, coffee grinds, eggshells, and other items that don't quickly break down. As they get stuck in bends in the drain, the ability for water to flow past is slowly reduced until you have a clog.

How Drains Can Be Cleaned

The good news is, no matter how your drain came to be clogged, we provide drain cleaning services for removing the clog and restoring the normal operation of your drain. Among these options is hydro jetting. This process sends a high-power stream of water down the drain that has a clog. When the water reaches the clog, its pressure either breaks up the clog or pushes the clog further down the drain until it reaches a larger pipe that allows it to break free.

Another common option for drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA, is a plumber's snake. A snake is a long, flexible metal rod that is fed down the drain. When the end of the snake reaches the clog, our plumber can rotate the snake and break up the clog. This is then followed up by running water down the drain to carry away the remnants of the clog.

A third option to remove clogs is to use a chemical cleaner. We use specialized cleaners that are much safer and better than those that are available in stores. Nevertheless, it's best to let someone experienced with drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA, handle this method. Drain cleaners can be quite hazardous if used incorrectly, meaning that it's best to leave this process to someone who knows how to use the chemicals safely.

How Clogs Can Be Spotted

Aside from the obvious symptom of a bathtub, sink, or toilet that won't drain, there are other symptoms of clogs that you should be on the lookout for.

One common trait of a clog that's growing is a rancid smell coming from your drain. This is caused by the presence of rotting organic matter that is caught in your drain. If you notice an unusual smell in an area that has a drain, don't try to cover it up. Instead, figure out what's causing the smell so you can have the issue corrected.

Another sign that your drain might need attention from a plumber is a gurgling sound. Depending on how the clog forms, it may cause air to be trapped in your drain, which, when mixed with water, creates a distinct and unusual gurgling noise.

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Of course, any drain that's unusually slow to drain is also a sign that you've got a clog somewhere in your network of pipes. Whatever issues you're facing with a clogged drain, we at New Era Plumbing are glad to be able to help. Our customers trust us to respond quickly and efficiently to any plumbing issues that they face, and we've been proud to do just that since 2011.

Whether you're having plumbing issues or you need water heater repair or replacement, sewer repair, sewer replacement or septic tank service, we can take care of you. If you suspect you might have a clog in your drain or if you simply have a question regarding your home's plumbing, you can contact us via phone or our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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