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Quality Water Line Repair in Douglasville, GA, and the Surrounding Areas

Taking the water used every day for granted is something most people do. You expect that clean, potable water will flow through the taps whenever you need it. Fortunately, this is how it goes most of the time, but sometimes you need a plumber in Douglasville, GA, and nearby areas to help you address main water line problems.

Have you recently noticed a drop in water pressure at your home? Has the water changed colors coming from your taps? Do you have a spot in your yard that’s soggy and greener than other areas? If so, you may have a damaged water line.

New Era Plumbing is a local plumbing company serving Douglasville, GA, and surrounding areas. We diagnose water line problems and offer quality repairs that include underground water line repair. When you need emergency plumbing for water line problems, we’re here for you.

Signs of Main Water Line Problems

As we mentioned above, there are tell-tale signs that indicate you have a problem with the main water line. These signs include the following:

  • Sudden drop in water pressure
  • Water that tastes funny
  • Discolored water that flows from all taps
  • Higher than average water bills
  • Wet yards near where the water line is buried

How do you know if you need plumbing repairs for a main line issue? When you suddenly lose water pressure, first check with your municipal water supplier. Is there a problem on their end? Sometimes, when the city conducts fire hydrant testing, this can affect water pressure. If the city confirms everything is fine on their end, then you need a plumber in Douglasville, GA, and nearby areas to come out to your home to diagnose the problem.

In addition, pay attention to your water bills. Spikes in water usage usually occur when there’s a break in the main line that brings water into your home. You may not notice the leak right away, but a higher than usual water bill clues you into the problem.

Fixing Main Water Line Issues

When water line repairs are needed, homeowners want low-impact solutions to minimize the damage to their yards. At New Era Plumbing, we work with our customers to find the best repair and replacement solutions to keep yard disturbance to a minimum.

We use sewer camera equipment to determine the location and exact cause of the problem before we make plumbing repair suggestions. Some main line problems can be fixed using hydro-jetting and others need complete pipe replacement. No matter what the solution is our customers can have peace of mind that we’re always looking for the most cost-effective way to fix the problem.

Water Line Plumbing Maintenance

Water lines are built to last a long time. You can extend the life of your main water line by being careful about where you dig and having the line inspected for small leaks or other damage once a year. If you have questions about plumbing maintenance, our experts are here to answer your questions.

Our team also offer drain cleaning, plumbing services, and sewer & drain solutions in the local area.

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