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Plumbing Services


If you’re looking for a plumber in Atlanta, GA, you need to make sure that you work with a team that can handle all of your urgent needs, ranging from straightforward repairs to major work requiring excavations. They are your first line of defense against all types of plumbing emergencies as well as any issues that arise from a system that suddenly seems to be working against your family’s needs. Your plumber will handle everything from fixing pipe leaks to identifying the source of gas smells.

When you work with New Era Plumbing, we’ll help you maintain your plumbing system so that it always runs smoothly. We are here to help you enjoy the best and most reliable plumbing services possible.


There are many types of plumbing services we can handle for you. Just a few of those include the following.

Bathroom and Kitchen plumbing services: Kitchen plumbing services can range from installing a new dishwasher to fixing a deep clog in your garbage disposal. Your plumber can even install gas appliances in your kitchen like gas stoves. We can also work on your bathroom plumbing fixtures.

Sewer Repair: Your plumber is your first line of defense against a broken or damaged sewer. We have several types of sewer repair at our fingertips, and we’ll work with you to determine which one works best for your home. In addition to major excavation for the most damaged systems, we also offer trenchless sewer repair that is a lot less invasive, usually costs less, and takes a lot less time.

Emergency Plumbing: Be sure to work with our plumbing company, as we will be able to respond to emergencies as soon as they happen. Emergencies at any time of the day or night. Call us at the earliest sign of an issue so that we can deal with it as soon as possible.

Leaks: We will respond to leaks no matter where they are in your home. What may look like a simple leak may be holding back a tsunami, so you require plumbers with professional expertise to determine the cause of the leak, fix it, and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.


When it comes to your plumbing system, DIY plumbing repair can be a really bad idea. For instance, you may think that a problem with your clogged pipes in your kitchen is something that you can simply remove with an over-the-counter drain cleaner. The problem with drain cleaning products is that they’re caustic and can end up causing more damage, necessitating more invasive, expensive professional repair down the road.

Apart from plumbing services in Atlanta, GA, we specialize in drain cleaning and water heater repair.


Contact New Era Plumbing so that we can help you find a plumber in Atlanta, GA. We are a plumbing company that takes our clients’ problems seriously, working hard to make sure that all issues are fixed to the highest standards. We can handle everything from plumbing repair to plumbing maintenance in addition to any emergency plumbing issues. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment in Atlanta, GA, or any of these areas: