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If you live in the local area and need a plumber in Hiram, GA, it’s essential to have a reputable company you can contact when you need anything from drain cleaning to water heater repair. The best teams offer timely appointments, well-trained staff, and always deliver quality work. With New Era Plumbing as your partner, you can always expect prompt solutions at reasonable prices.


When it comes to general plumbing needs, we are well-versed in all aspects. A plumbing repair completed by our company should be able to give you lasting benefits. We have years of experience in providing plumbing maintenance as well as emergency plumbing services.

Local plumbing contractors are the best source when it comes to providing quality services and customer satisfaction. From new-home builds to kitchen or bath remodeling, or middle-of-the-night water leaks, you can rely on our team to be on call and be there when you need them.


Residential and commercial property owners often overlook drain cleaning services, but grease, dirt, and other debris can build up inside pipes over time. If you fail to follow a plumbing maintenance schedule, clogged drains can occur, which could lead to soggy messes and expensive plumbing repairs.

Using drain cleaning services can eliminate clogged drain worries. We offer hydro jetting for your drain lines on a regular schedule to keep them clear. If blockages do occur, hydro jetting is a fast solution to resume wastewater flow when under the supervision of a plumbing professional.


When a plumbing emergency occurs after business hours, you may find yourself frantically searching for emergency plumber services before too much damage or inconvenience arises. We offer an after-hours contact number so you can reach them anytime on the weekends or evenings if a water line breaks or a drain line clogs.


Plumbers are more than a drain cleaning company that unclog pipes or installs faucets. Water heater repair is another task best left to the professionals who have the correct tools and experience to work on all types of water heaters. When your water heater goes out, you can choose to upgrade with a new water heater installation or transition to one of the latest models of tankless water heaters.

We can offer advice on the best water heater services for your particular needs, so you are never left taking a cold shower. When it’s time for a water heater replacement, expert plumbers are knowledgeable in current codes and materials, so the project is done right.

We provide water heater services such as:


Water heater repair


Water heater replacement


Water heater plumbing maintenance


Water heater installation


Installation of tankless water heaters


When you need a master plumber in Hiram, GA, who is friendly and professional, New Era Plumbing is the company you can trust. We are standing by to answer your phone calls and all your plumbing questions before working with you to handle any plumbing-related need promptly.

Contact us today to receive the highest level of plumbing services available in the local area, and see why our satisfied customers keep recommending us to their family and friends! Call us or fill out our form to schedule an appointment. We serve the following locations as well: