Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Douglasville, GA

Are you aware of the fact that failure to have your drain and sewer lines cleaned professionally can result in very serious problems? It’s true, and no—you cannot match the quality of cleaning that trained and experienced plumbing technicians can offer. What you can do is ensure that you get the best drain and sewer cleaning that money can buy. How? By scheduling service with New Era Plumbing.

Not only do we excel in the technical aspects of drain and sewer cleaning—we employ many fine plumbing technicians that have their own areas of specialization—but we also use some of the finest tools on the market. Don’t put your drain and sewer system at risk. 

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Our Drain and Sewer Services

If you are going to do something we believe that you should do it as completely and correctly as possible. We never want potential customers to wonder if our drain and sewer services apply to their current predicament, whatever it may be. That is why we make ourselves available for all manner of drain and sewer services, including the following.

  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning—Because using liquid drain cleaners or trying to snake out your own system is a poor substitute for the results that our professional plumbers will achieve.
  • Hydro jetting—Because there is a big difference between clearing a drain or sewer clog and actually scouring these pipes in a thorough manner.
  • Sewer Lines—All of it, from installation, to repair and eventual replacement. No pipe is going to last forever, after all.
  • Video Pipe Inspection—Because the information gathered by actually peering into these systems simply cannot be matched. Let us eliminate the guesswork from the service equation.

Why Schedule Drain and Sewer Cleaning?

Surely I can unclog a drain on my own, you may be thinking. Why would I hire a professional for drain clearing? A clogged drain can’t be that serious, right? Wrong. Sink drain cleaning, shower drain cleaning, and sewer drain cleaning are not jobs that you should attempt to handle on your own. Freeing up a clog here and there doesn’t mean that these pipes are truly cleaned.

Liquid drain cleaners and DIY attempts at snaking out a drain will not give you the results that working with a professional drain and sewer cleaner will. You don’t have access to the types of tools that we do, let alone the experience necessary to successfully and safely use SeeSnake® sewer cameras or a K–60 sewer machine and cable, let alone hydro jetting equipment!

We Offer Thorough Sewer Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Cleaning

While you may think that a clogged drain in Douglasville, GA is a relatively minor problem, you should consider the fact that the source of that clog could well be much further down the system than you realize. It could even be a situation in which tree roots have busted into your sewer line and caused a serious clog.

Failure to act when your drains or sewer line clog up could result not only in serious—and seriously unhygienic—backups, but also in damages to your drain and sewer system at large. By cabling out and cleaning your drain and sewer lines, or scouring them with our hydro–jetter, we get the results necessary to restore you system to full functionality.

When to Schedule Drain and Sewer Cleaning

If you do run into a single slow moving drain in your home, you are welcome to try and plunge it out. We suggest that you skip the chemical cleaners altogether, because they are as notoriously ineffective as they are inexplicably popular. This type of clog is something that you may be able to free up and force down the system.

If you are running into such issues over and over, though, or if drains throughout your entire house are backed up, then it is definitely time to contact our drain and sewer cleaning pros. Whether the issue is caused by a buildup of fat and grease, hair entanglements, or even foreign objects, we’ll find the right solution for the problem at hand.

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The people at New Era Plumbing are professional. They called as soon as I submitted a claim to my home warranted company. They showed up earlier than I expected and fixed the problem faster than I could have ever expected. I love this plumbing company!!!

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